a little about myself...

There's something about a biography that can get repetitive and dull. If you've come this far you know my name, so let me tell you something about what makes me, me.

As an Indiana native small towns are my bliss. There is an overwhelming joy of walking into a super market or simply down the street and passing familiar faces. Even though small towns are in my blood, I spent the past summer delving into the new atmosphere of Chicago. Being in a community of art, culture and creativity, I formed an appreciation for what a larger city can provide in the sense of inspiration in design and life. Besides my passion for art and design, I find myself creating a better me emotionally and physically through exercise. Also, my slight infatuation with animals can be daunting but they truly are the best!

My aspirations as a designer are to focus on creating work with a purpose, to design for functionality, and to create innovative solutions. I am an extremely hands on designer, incorporating sculptural elements within my design is something I love to do. My passions as a designer are package design, branding, and print.