Company: Pickles Café
Project: Identity Design | Food Truck Design | Packaging

Research: My research process started with the restaurant, Pickles Café, located on the outskirts of Fort Wayne, Indiana in a small town called Dunfee. Pickles Café is a mom and pop café, attached to an antique store, with a rustic and vintage atmosphere. I drew inspiration from the 1940s era and elements from their store, which led to my design solutions for the identity redesign. Once the new identity was established, I applied it to multiple applications including a food truck design, menu design, and to-go containers.

Accepted and won the Visual Communication Area Award in the Ball State University School of Art 82nd Annual Juried Student Show (2017)

Featured on Packaging of the World


Accepted and won the Visual Communication Area Award in the Ball State University School of Art 82nd Annual Juried Student Show (2017)


Food Truck
After researching styles of food trucks, I chose an antique food truck (French Citroen HY Van) that parallels the rustic atmosphere of the store front. Growing up eating at Pickles Café I never forgot their floral pattern tablecloths and curtains. Inspired by these, I hand drew an original floral pattern which is the highlighted in the design. The color palette keeps with natural shades of greens and purples drawn from pickles and flowers.


Menu Card
The layout of the menu card design solution focuses on Pickles Café current menu. The menu contains main dishes, Saturday breakfast, soups of the day, and daily dessert specials. This led to my design solution of creating two menu cards and a chalkboard menu board. The main menu features their items that do not change. The Saturday only breakfast is on a smaller menu card to be placed on top of the main menu. The desserts and soups appear on a chalkboard menu so that they can be changed daily. When constructing the menu I focused on tips that were in the studies of menu engineering. The tips I included were visual cues to highlight top sellers, not listing the prices in a column or using dollar signs, and putting the less important information toward the bottom of the menu card.


To-Go Containers
Currently Pickles Café uses styrofoam to-go containers that do not show case their products. For my design solution, I am adding a window to showcase the foods. I created three packaging shapes that focus on each type of product that is served: salads and sandwiches, soups, and pies.



The process of contacting the client and researching led to an exciting adventure to Pickles Cafe for lunch. After snapping a few pictures, I was able to compile ideas to form sketches for the new identity of the café.


  • rustic
  • vintage/antique
  • floral
  • mom & pop café - hometown
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